Setting up your price schedule

The price schedule allows you to set different prices based on client, panel, test type, incident type, and more. For example, you can setup the system so that ABC Trucking is charged $50 for each Urine 5-Substances drug test. Follow these steps to set up your price schedule:

Step 1. Creating a new price schedule.

  1. Click “Billing” from the main navigation.
  2. Click the “Price Schedule” link.
  3. Click "New Price Schedule" on the Price Schedules page. 
  4. Enter a name for the price schedule in the Name field and click “Save”.
    1. Note that a price schedule can be created for either one individual company (eg just ABC Trucking), or for a group of companies (eg "Low Volume Customers").
    2. If you're creating a price schedule for a single company we recommend giving it the same name as the company (eg "ABC Trucking").
    3. If you're creating a price schedule for a group of companies then we suggest naming the price schedule after what they have in common (eg "High Volume Customers").

Step 2. Adding companies to the price schedule.

  1. Within the price schedule, click on the “Companies” sub-tab and click “Add Companies”.
  2. Within the companies field, begin to enter a company name, the autocomplete should help you find your company. As mentioned above, you can also enter multiple companies. Click “Save”.

Step 3. Adding rules to the price schedule.

  1. Within the price schedule, click on the “Rules” sub-tab and click "New Rule”.
  2. Enter the price for a specific combination of reason, specimen type, test panel, and regulation type. You do not have to fill in all of these fields. For example, if you want all 5-Substances tests to have the same price, regardless of the reason for the test, then leave the "reason" column blank and only select “5-Substances” within “Test Panel”.
    1. In many cases, the only criteria you will use is test panel, and you can leave the other fields (reason, specimen type, etc) blank. This is often the simplest way to setup your rules.
  3. If you are integrated with quickbooks, select the quickbooks service item that you want associated with this rule in the “Item” field.
    1. Note: if the dropdown is blank you will need to do an initial sync with QuickBooks in order to populate the choices (since we get the list directly from QuickBooks).
  4. Click “Save”.

 Any company not assigned to a specific price schedule will follow the rules of the "Default Prices" Schedule.