General configuration

The general configuration settings for your TestVault account can be set in the “Preferences” section from the navigation bar. There are four tabs in the “Preferences” section:

“My Organization” allows you to set the company details such as logo, address, payment and fax settings, and it contains the links to setup Quickbooks syncing and the ability to accept credit cards.

“My Account” is where you can change the email and password for your TestVault account.

In “Configuration” you can configure your list of drugs, test panels, occupations, and other fields in order to fully customize TestVault for your needs.

“Subscription” contains the credit card and billing information for your TestVault account.

My Organization

  • Company details
  • Company logo
  • Invoice consolidation setting
  • Quickbooks setup
  • Credit card application
  • Payment setting
  • Fax setting

My Account

  • Account email
  • Account password


  • Classifications
  • Occupations
  • Test panels
  • And more


  • TestVault credit card and billing information