Providing a client with online access to their results

Follow these steps to provide a client with online access to their results.

Step 1. Find the client’s company page

  1. Click “Groups” from the main navigation.
  2. Find and select the company you want to receive online access. You may use the search box to quickly find the company name.

Step 2. Edit your client’s access

  1. From the company page, click on the “People” link.
  2. Select the person at the company to be given online access.
  3. In the field “Permissions Group”, select “Basic Client” and any other permissions that you want to give them.
    1. Basic Client: they can see a list of their companies and people but cannot edit them.
    2. Order Tests: they are able to submit eCCF orders to participating collection sites.
    3. Schedule: they are able to see a calendar showing their pending follow ups.
    4. Edit People: they are able to update information and mark people as inactive.
    5. Add People: they are able to add new employees.
    6. View Results: they are able to see results for their company.
  4. Click Save. Your client will be automatically sent an email with a link to setup his/her password.

Step 3. Confirming client access

  1. Once your client clicks on the link provided in the email they can set their password and gain online access. They will be update to update their company roster, view test results, and order new tests, depending on what access was given to them in step 2.

Additional Info: Invite a person to multiple companies

  1. Once a client has access to one company you can give them access to others by following the same steps outlined above for another company.
  2. Make sure you use the same email address each time you add them to one of the companies.
  3. Once you fill out their name, email, and permissions and click save, you will see a pop-up message telling you the client has been given access to this company as well (using their existing password to login)

Additional Info: Invite to all companies in a consortium

  1. You can give a person access to every company in a consortium, all at once.
  2. First, make sure you've already invited them to at least one company following the steps above.
  3. Then click on the groups tab, click on "consortiums" on top left, and click on the consortium you want to invite them to.
  4. Click "actions" and "invite user" on the top right.
  5. Type in the first few letters of their name and it will auto-complete.
  6. Select the permissions you want to apply.
  7. Click save and it give them access to all the companies in the consortium.
  8. Note: if you add more companies to the consortium in the future you will need to repeat this process to give them access to the newly added companies.